evan pillipow

Evan P.

Evan was born in Saskatoon SK and raised his entire life in the small town of Preeceville SK. For the past 20 years he has lived and loved Saskatoon and calls it home.

Evan enjoys city life all while retaining his small town roots and values. He enjoys travelling and going on tours while visiting new places, the outdoors and the beautiful scenery that Saskatoon has to offer. Evan has a vast knowledge of the city of Saskatoon and combined with his experience on self-balancing personal transporters, he strives to ensure that tourists have an exciting and memorable experience.

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Emmarae was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK and is excited to be working with Eco Glide this year. Over the years, Emmarae has fallen in love with the city of Saskatoon through continually discovering the never ending treasures it holds. She also has a passion for sports, music, and exploring.

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